The straw bale in the lorry caught fire and the driver ran downstairs; The native as a savior in cinema style

Kozhikode: A straw bale loaded in a lorry caught fire in Kodancherry. As soon as he noticed the fire, he drove the lorry to the next ground and drove around. With this, the straw bundles fell down and the accident was avoided. Locals and firefighters put out the blaze. The incident took place around noon on Sunday. The lorry was carrying straw from Wayanad. When he reached 200 meters near Kodancherry town, the driver noticed that the straw was on fire. The panicked driver stopped the vehicle in Kodancherry town and fled. Shaji, a local, jumped into the lorry and drove off to the grounds of St. Joseph’s Higher Secondary School. As the lorry rolled on the ground, all the bundles of fire fell on the ground and the big accident was avoided. The locals replaced the non-flammable straw bales. Things took a turn for the worse when firefighters arrived from Mukteshwar. The fire was quickly extinguished. With this, the fire did not spread to the lorry. Indications are that the straw bale may have caught fire due to a short circuit caused by electric wires. There have been similar incidents before. Last Thursday, a similar fire broke out at Pangode, Thiruvananthapuram. The accident took place in front of Pangode Fruit KVUPS. The driver was unaware that the power line had caught fire. The bikers who followed the lorry noticed the incident. Then there was a commotion and the lorry stopped. At the same time, the locals put out the fire using water from a vehicle that came with water for the needs of Pangode panchayat. Content Highlights: Straw lorry caught fire in calicut.

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