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In today’s time, all the important information is present in the phone, computer or laptop. All this gives impetus to your life, so even a small mistake, the data available online becomes a threat to you. Here Cyber ​​Expert Abhishek Dhabhai Telling what measures can be taken to secure the data…

What measures should be taken in the phone for data protection?
For data protection in mobile device, enter your 15 digit IMEI number. In case of mobile phone theft/lost, this number will come in handy for filing a police complaint. Use autolock to lock automatically or you can enable keypad lock using passcode/security pattern.

Use the PIN to lock the SIM card, so that the SIM is not misused if the device is stolen. Use a password to protect memory card information. Never leave your mobile device unattended. Turn off applications (camera, audio/video players) and connections (Bluetooth, Infrared, Wi-Fi) when not in use. Back up data regularly.

Accept all cookies or not?
We should not accept cookies from all types of websites. With the help of cookies, all your important information also goes to those websites. Later they can also misuse it. To avoid this, only the cookies of the trusted website should be accepted. It is best to delineate cookies as far as possible.

How to block a spam message?
There are two ways to block spam calls and messages. First go to the messaging app and type start and send it to 1909. Another way is to call 1909 from your phone. Activate the Do Not Disturb (DND) service by following the instructions on the phone. With both these methods, the incoming calls and messages on your phone will be greatly reduced. With the help of some apps like Truecaller or call blockers, you can detect spam. Although it is completely malware free, it is not necessary.

Many apps ask for access to our photos, messages, if not given, we do not get full access to the app, where to complain?
The decision to approve is yours. The more access you give, the greater the risk to your data. There is no way to complain about it.

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